What to do in Birštonas?

There are plenty of activities to suit eveyrone needs in Birštonas: starting from relaxing time in nature, spas' and beauty procedures to  ourdoor sports and cultural events, concerts. When staying in "Vila Liepa" you would feel the cozy home atmosphere and might experience lifestyle of the resort to the fullest.

  • Spa treatments. Sanatoria “Tulpė”, “Versmė” and “Eglė” are situated almost at the same distance from the villa "Liepa" and are reachable on foot within 5-10 minutes. There you will be pleased with wellness or beauty treatments, and you will be able to enjoy yourself in swimming pools and baths.
    • On weekdays, our guests get 10% discount for all the treatments and the pool-bath complex in the closest sanatorium “Tulpė”.
    • On weekdays and weekends, our guests get 10% discount for all the treatments and the pool-bath complex in the sanatorium “Versmė”. Our guests, who buy 10 or more procedures, get 20% discount.
    • On weekdays and weekends, our guest can visit  the swimming pool-sauna area of FDRC "Nemunas" ("Eglės" sanatorium) also with the discount.
    • Our guests get 10% discount for massages, and face and body treatments throughout the week, as well as on weekends up to 21 hours in a Center SPA, next to the villa “Liepa”, located in J. Basanavičiaus square 16 (entrance from Vytauto street courtyard side). Guests are kindly asked to register themselves in advance.
    • We advise you to visit the "Eglės" sanatorium, to try the wellness treatments and to visit the terrace on the roof of the sanatorium, where you can admire the view of the Nemunas river and enjoy a cocktail or a cup of coffe.
  • Cultural events. Concerts and exhibitions are constantly held in a Kurhaus, a cultural center, in the sanatorium “Eglė”, in the Vytautas Mineral SPA, in the sanatorium “Versmė”, in the Sacral Art Museum and in the Historical Museum of Birštonas.
  • Bicycle rides. Birštonas has a very good cycling infrastructure. The total length of bicycle routes is about 20 km. We suggest you to ride a bike on the Žvėrinčiaus path, to the city of Prienai or to the Velniabliūdžio bog.irštone sukurta labai gera dviračių takelių infrastruktūra. Bendras takelių ilgis apie 20 km. Siūlome pasivažinėti Žvėrinčiaus taku, nuvažiuoti iki Prienų ar Velniabliūdžio pelkės.
  • Walking.We suggest you to go for a walk along the widely appreciated Nemunas river bank (180 meters from the villa “Liepa”), along the path of Žvėrinčiaus, and to go up to the Vytauto mountain. 
  • Central park has cozy paths and is equipped with sculptures, swings, fitness machines and table-tennis tables.
  • The path of Kneipp Therapy. In the fresh air, there is a path to everyone’s access where one can walk barefoot on the surface changing every 1.5 meters: from delicate sand to sharp pine cones. The procedure, based on the healing methods of the 19th century German priest Sebastian Kneipp, improves the blood circulation, increases the metabolism and helps to restore the immune system..
  • Basketball and volleyball for free in municipal playgrounds.
  • Roller skating and skateboarding on a special platform (equipment can be rented).
  • City residents and guests highly enjoy swimming in beloved ponds of Birštonas. They are equipped with a beach, changing cabins and a jump platform.
  • Sailing on the river Nemunas.
  • Tennis in outdoor tennis courts.
  • Gym near the school stadium, and soon, a newly built sports complex.

Closest landmarks:

J. Basanavičiaus Central Square 80 m (1 min)
Birštonas Museum 80 m (1 min)
Sacral Art Museum in Birštonas 250 m (3 min)
Saint Anthony from Padova in Birštonas 300 m (4 min)
Vytauto Mountain 900 m (12 min)
Nemunas river bank 250 m (3 min)
Beach of Biršonas pond 1900 m (23 min)

Sanatorium and SPA:
Sanatorium Tulpė gydyklos 500 m (6 min)
Sanatorium Versmė 500 m (6 min)
Sanatorium Eglė 650 m (8 min)
Centro SPA 35 m (1 min)
Vytautas Mineral SPA 1200 m (14 min)

Cafés and restaurants:
Pizza Fun, picerija 100 m (1 min)
Birštono kurhauzas 550 m (7 min)
Skonių svetainė, restoranas 600 m (8 min)
Audenis, restoranas 750 m (9 min)
Bir Bur Bar, mėsainių baras 450 m (6 min)

Aibė 100 m (1 min)
Iki 450 m (6 min)
Norfa XL 1000 m (13 min)

Birštonas Bus Station 450 m (6 min)

Closest Airports:
Kaunas (Karmėlava) Airport 40,5 km
Vilnius Airport 80,4 km